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Monday, February 16, 2009

Grammar Bites - this, that, these and those

This, that, these and those
These little words will be the Grammar Bite focus this week

Write a sentence using this, that, these and those. near us farther away
1. books/ heavy These books aren’t heavy. Those books are heavy.
2. bag/ green This bag isn’t green. That bag is green
That or those
1. Those are her pens. They are on the table.
2. They are our friends. They are playing outside.
Choose the correct word
1. (This/These) These cars are fast, but (that/those) that car isn’t.
2. (This/These) This ball is red, but (that/those) those are purple.
Complete the sentences with is, isn’t, are and aren’t
1. Candy is sweet. It isn’t sour.
2. Lemons aren’t sweet. They are sour.

The students have been given some worksheets to practice using these words correctly.
Check in your child's English folder

1 comment:

Adelle said...

I got 10/10 for both tests.