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Friday, February 20, 2009

Grade 5 SWA Inspires International American Competition!

You might remember that last December, Gr 5 wrote a comic book called "Grade 5's Idol Interviews". I posted this book on an American website called
Just recently I became aware that they are having a competition: 

Classroom Writing Contest

Calling all writing teachers! Looking for a rewarding writing project for your class? Enter your classroom in’s Classroom Writing Contest for a chance to win free copies of your students’ books and have them sent to President Barack Obama.

Writing Topics
Barack Obama just became the nation’s 44th president. Pretend you have the chance to have lunch with President Obama. What would you advise him to do as President? How do you think he can help the country in 2009? Be sure to include colorful illustrations to support your story.


Imagine someone gives you the chance to meet your idol. Tell us what you would say? Where would you go? Use your imagination and tell us who you would meet and what you would talk about. Be sure to include colorful illustrations to support your story. 

You can see how we inspired this competition. Today I got an email from the Marketing of Tikatok:

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the submission...and yes, your idea did spark the basis for the contest. Your book has been viewed by the entire Tikatok team and we all think it's phenomenal! Thanks for submitting!

Katie Cowan Porro
VP of Marketing and School Programs
Tikatok, Inc.

Wow, well done Grade 5, you have inspired America!

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