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Monday, April 6, 2009

A New Creative Project for Gr 5!

Today we started a new project as a class. We are planning to visit Sekolah Batu Buin in Sumbawa next month so we are making a book about life at our school to present to them during our visit.
It will be called "Life at SWA".
Intro to SWA
Students of Grade 5 – in table groups
PERSONAL GOALS Learner Profiles
The SCHOOL – facilities, location, uniform, break time games etc
21st Century Learning – the student perspective
Special Groups – Student council, Tech X, the Authors Club
Special projects:
SPORE Comics
Clock inquiry
Koran Berani
Online personal sites
Class Newsletters
Today we brainstormed the content and then took a picture with our laptops of our table groups. We finished the lesson by making an introductions page of each table group. Tomorrow we will divide up the different focus articles amongst the class.

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