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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome to the Virtual World!

Hi Grade 5 from Sinarmas World Academy! Welcome to our class blog. Here is where we will learn about using Web 2.0 tools and learn about how to work online safely. Here is our first video. This is of our inquiry into digestion. It shows how different chemicals that are present in our food react with one another. 

I want you to do your first online task. Go to the Disney site to play Safe Swell Island. Click on the words to be redirected there.


Anonymous said...

hey mrs. Jane!!! I'm Jennifer, your student last year. I think the experiment was so cool!!!

Michelle Pranoto said...

Hi Mrs Jane,
your new school was so cool. I've seen each of your student's blog. Can you have one of your student posting a comment on my blog? The experiment was cool. Thank you

Michelle P